End of an Era - Part.3

  • “Focus… Focus… Focus” The words went through the mind of each and every one of the 20 companions as they kept the string of their bows tight.

    “Release on my mark, men!” Yelled Steivaror.

    Erarik scanned the position of the bandits. There were 2 groups scattered around the camp, one was full of drunken bandits gossiping and the other gathered around a fire.


    Arrows flew ripping through the air between their targets, almost 2 dozens of bandits laid to rest. But there were still a large amount of them left.


     Skyforge Steel met Iron and there was no doubt among them who would win. But the error was something that wasn’t expected at all…

    As Erarik charged to his designated target killing at least 6 bandits in his path with his rather rare acrobatic style, something hit his head… and it hit hard. Black curtains were floating before his eyes as he felt the slippery touch of the soil.

    He bellowed in agony as an object of extremely heavy weight landed on his chest, he opened his eyes to see what he had never seen before… or he did… only during a certain battle in his life… those abominations, made of frost, he hated them. 

    “What in oblivion are these things?” a voice barked on his left.

    Erarik gritted his teeth as the creature was pulling him back up, this was the first time he saw one of it’s kind’s face from this angle. It seemed like an upside-down cone.  The thing’s right wrist soon turned into another upside-down cone, and an aura of frost appeared surrounding it.

    His mouth was spread wide with pain as a spike, made of ice pierced his leg. It was something he never experienced before, no other companion except Steivaror did.

    All that was left in front of him was the sight of the ground and a rolling head…

    “Are you alright?” A voice pried.

    “Yes… I am…” Replied Erarik as he noticed Hakon standing beside him.

    “We underestimated these outlaws, they were way too many for us to handle, not to mention their members who use magic… Come on! The fight still goes on, we have to help them!”

    “I doubt I will get up with this leg, continue on without me, brother.”

    “By the gods! That wound needs some serious healing.”

    “LOOK OUT!” Shouted Erarik the moment he saw the huge axe in swing behind the man in front of him.

    Hakon ducked to miss the swing that was about to end his life a moment ago. The bandit that was holding that axe was heavily armored, and by the looks of him, presumably the leader. It was covered with blood. He looked up to his adversary and smirked.

    “Tis gonna be a good time killing ya!” The bandit barked.

    “Time will tell.”

    Both men had their axes which required two hands and tremendous strength to wield ready to attack. Hakon swinged his axe counter-clockwise to parry the vertical blow of his opponent. The bandit’s strength was well-proved as he was pushing Hakon backwards with the axe.

    “I need to help Hakon!” Thought Erarik. His thoughts kept surfing with ideas that would not work… until he came across one… Magic. He concentrated to charge the spell for the second time in his life, it was very stressful for the mind to do so without regular practice, as he read in the books, but he did not care, saving Hakon was his only priority.

    A bolt of fire rushed from his hands to strike it’s target, scorching the bandit. It hit the target straight in the hand, giving Hakon an enormous advantage over his adversary. Blow after Blow, the bandit endured, but he could not do that forever. Still, he fell, at the end.

    Both of the comrades were exhausted by the fighting, they did not even had a moment to take news of the other companions. As Erarik looked back, he saw dead bodies of at least 7 companions.

    “Erarik, Hakon! Are you both alright?” Asked Steivaror appearing from the battlefield with the remaining companions.

    “I’m good, but Erarik is injured. He needs help.” Yelled Hakon.

    “I see, the wound is deep… It took me years to recover from a similar one with that arrow… But… I believe this will help.” Replied Steivaror handing Erarik a concoction. White lights flashed before his eyes as Erarik drank it. When his eyes opened, his leg was just as before the battle.

    “This… This isn’t possible!”

    “It is, my friend.” Said Steivaror handing Erarik a letter. “The same thing that gave some of the bandits this amount of strength helped you.

    “The companions are coming today, hide in the caves with a portion of your band, they will not expect you. I have also sent an elixir… specially made for you and your comrades, made from our blood. Waste it and you’ll wish you were never born.

    -Enemy of your Enemy.” 

    “This potion, it was what led to the ending of many of our fellow companions today. But it did help one of our most promising brother-in-arms.” Steivaror dug his sword straight into the ground,

    “We’ll meet again in Sovngarde, Fallen Companions!”


  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  January 28, 2016
    The one line that stayed with me even after I closed this blog was the last line.
    “We’ll meet again in Sovngarde, Fallen Companions!”
    A very powerful sentiment Sindeed...  +1
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  January 28, 2016
    Lots of battle. Interesting description of a frost atronach. I liked that.