End of an Era - Part.2

  • Author's Note: For all of you who kept waiting for this, I'm sorry for the delay as school has started. And, I was too obsessed with SWTOR...

    Erarik still remembered that battle, so much blood, so many lives lost, but he had seen more after the following years. Being a companion was not easy, but as his father said, he had to work if he wanted to live.

    “Come, Erarik. I have a new assignment for you” Said their band’s leader.

    Their party was dispatched from Fallowstone Hall some weeks ago to get rid of the rift’s bandits. They were moving for 2 days straight without any rest. The outlaws’ camp was still a day’s hike.

    “Steivaror! Should we not stop for rest?” Asked one of Erarik’s teammates to the leader.

    “In the night, Lazy-legs.” Yelled Steivaror.

    “Very well…”

    It was afternoon, most of the companions were constantly shrugging off leaves of many colors, Hearthfire’s Grace…heh. This season was much popular among the people of the rift, especially because of it’s beauty.

    Before many of the band knew, it was night. The beauty was too overwhelming for them to notice the time.

    “Alright, listen up!” Said Steivaror after bring his men to a halt. “At least 5 of us should be on watch. That will be Andunjolf,Embrnvar,Lodigvor,Haragi and Gaulrdan. Set up the camps!”




    The night was not too well for Erarik, The dreams, the memories of his long lost families, coming back… He felt some kind of Aetheral energy in him…the black curtain of the night sky slowly folding… revealing a place of… light… light was all he could see.

     “I bless you today! Bring an end to the black menace!” Shouted a thunderous voice.

    Erarik woke up, his body wet with sweat, What was that?

    “Bad Dream? Happens to us all.” Said a voice beside him.

    “Gaulrdan! How did you know?”

    “The harbinger chose us for a reason…”

    “Oh right, your eagle eye thing.”

    Sleep overwhelmed him as he laid down again.




    Something was not right.

    His guess was correct, an axe, made of Nordic metal, was hovering over Erarik’s head.

    “Tell us your names, outlaws!” The person holding the weapon said.

    “I am Erarik, we are not outlaws! We are the companions.” Replied Erarik as he stood up to see the 5 guards who were on watch tied with trees… This man was skilled… to overcome 5 companions alone.

    “Ha! And I am Shor himself! The truth, now!”

    “What is going on here?” Yelled a voice that Erarik knew to be Steivaror.

    “Who are you?” Steivaror asked to the mysterious man.

    “This Erarik tells me here that you are the companions. What is the proof of that?” He replied, avoiding the leader’s question.

    Steivaror brought something out of his pocket which had a circular shape and a design of an axe, looking the same as  the one Erarik saw in the hands of Ysgramor’s statue 9 years ago.

    “This seal would satisfy, I hope.”

    The Mysterious Person stared at it for some moments and then muttered,

     “Forgive me, Companion. I am Hakon One-Eye, It’s an honor to meet you.”

    “The mighty Hakon himself! The honor is ours!”

    Every single denizen of the northern land knew who Hakon was, a hero of skyrim, who had killed hundred of trolls,bandits and not to mention, elves.

    “So, where are you headed to?”

    “We don’t know the name of the place, but it’s only some hours hike to the west. A bandit camp.”

    “Bandit camp, eh? Sounds like my kind of work. I offer my assistance.”

    “Sure, my friend! I look forward to fight alongside you.”

    “Come then, let’s continue.”

    The rest had done them well, most of the companions now had a greater morale. Food was not a problem, as everyone knows the hunting skills of the Fallowfire’s crew .

    Erarik always possessed great respect for Steivaror after witnessing him beat that snow elf 9 years ago. The old man was somewhat like his father.

    “We’re nearly there, my brothers! Just this hill between us and them. Are you prepared?

    “YES!” Sounded the battlecry of 20 Companions.


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