TSC: TOC - The Traveler from the Marsh

  • This is a new story I'm planning which is something different. Most of it will not be set in Skyrim; rather in a player made new lands mod which I don't think has been done before. I will be adding chapters every couple of weeks or so, several have already been written so Ill post them over the next week or so. 


    If you want to read my previous story which is about one of the secondary characters, Ji'Arsha please see my other tale 'the unwelcome foreigner from the south' which is a short story and leads into this one. Ill come back and update this index page as I go along depending on how I go with the story. Some of the formatting is messed up in some chapters probably with cutting and pasting from the old Ning site. I will try and fix that.


    So here's the intro:-


    The Traveller from the Marsh


    This story is set several months after the events of the Dragonborn add-on. It is based on my play through where I played as an Argonian Dragonborn and later during a second play through as a non dragonborn character. It may not be 100% lore friendly but I will try to keep to the correct timeline where I can.


    Main Character


    Han-Ei / Slays-Many-Elves – The main character of this story. 

    Han-Ei is a red Argonian who lives in Riften working as a mercenary and general adventurer. Like Teekus he specializes in heavy armour but favours two handed weapons. He has no magic skills at all and has no interest in learning any. He stands well over 6 feet tall and is very heavily muscled. Han-EiHe is also the thane of Riften and most citizens fear him. He often uses his size and status to intimidate others so that he can get his own way. He does not have many morals and in some way can be considered an evil character. Despite this he became a companion of the dragonborn.


    Secondary Characters


    Teekus – green skinned Argonian, dragonborn warrior-mage specializing in heavy armour and one handed weapons. TeekusHis magic skills are well above average and he briefly studied at the mages college. He lives in Solitude and is married to Shahvee where now that the war is over he mostly makes a living from mercenary work and his side craft as a blacksmith. By the time of this story he has become skilled in his work and has become the Thane of Solitude. His morals are on the good side and he's pleasant towards other people although he has a foul temper and many of Solitude's citizens keep a wide berth.


    Ji' Arsha – Khajiit who came to Skyrim and eventually settled in Winterhold at the mages college. Ji' ArshaHe studied for 2 years and now has to leave Skyrim and head to Hammerfell. He had become friends with Han-Ei / Slays-Many-Elves in the past. He lacked confidence when he first came to Skyrim and was viewed as an outcast. Now that he has become a highly skilled mage he has gained respect at least amongst mages anyway. His alignment is neutral as due to his nature he remains a thief and prefers assassination tasks where he will kill more or less anyone for money.



    Saliith the Sage – SaliithArgonian of unknown origin who came to Solitude and became a replacement housecarl and steward for Teekus. He's skilled in both magic and one handed combat and will only use his own sword 'sword of the Sage' rather than other weapons. He is a loyal companion of the Dragonborn and lives in the Manor house with Teekus in the housecarl quarters.

    The story begins in Solitude and will feature travelling to new lands which to my knowledge have not been written about before. 





    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7


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  • Teekus
    Teekus   ·  October 4, 2016
    First six chapters now complete which consist of the background of the four characters and sets the direction the story is going in. I've decided to have two main characters in the story for now instead of four but they will get a mention along the way.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  September 29, 2016
    Looking good Teekus. I'm looking forwards to see this grow. 
  • Teekus
    Teekus   ·  September 28, 2016
    Chapter 1 now edited and up