Dragonborn Alone, Part 2

  • So there I sat in my big house, the mansion I built for myself - the Dragonborn  - & my family. Now it's no more filled with the laughter of young children & the beautiful voice of a loving wife: it's just me. My family were cruelly taken from me, taken by the Daedra Mephala: the Prince of Deceit, the Prince of Lies.

    Just me: sitting, reading, doing whatever I can to occupy my time.

    I couldn't stay there. One man, alone in a huge house that was built for my family. There was a time when its walls were decorated, when under its roof my children were educated: no more.* It's now just a big old empty house, full of just memories, and me. So many memories! They taunted me, reminders of the life I once had, the life I loved, the life I lost.

    I had to leave. The wolves can take it for all I care. 

    I moved back to little old Breezehome, in the city of Whiterun. 

    I still sit. I still read. I eat. I sleep, when I can. What else is there to do? What else do I want to do? What else can I do? Nothing.

    I have my books. I have my chair. I miss my little Jorv. I miss my little Elda. I miss my Lydia. But they're not here. So I sit, and I read.

    I do leave the house when I have to, reluctantly, to buy food and drink from the local market. I don't talk to anyone; why would I want to? At first they tried. They asked "How are you?". I don't want to say how I am. They want to know my story. I don't want to talk: leave me alone! Eventually they gave up, and that's how I like it. I go out, I buy my supplies and I go back home. Good.

    One day I was out at the market, as usual quickly grabbing what I needed so I could get back home. I felt a soft hand on my arm, and a whispered word in my ear: "Idesto".

    My name. I turned around, to see an old friend: Danica Pure-Spring, Priestess in the Temple of Kynareth.

    A kinder woman I have never met. During the war she gave up her official duties to tend to the wounded & the sick who flooded her temple needing help. So touched was I by her selflessness that I agreed to restore Kynareth's dying Gildergreen tree by obtaining sap from its parent tree the Eldergleam, travelling far and braving many dangers to do so.

    "Idesto" she repeated. "My dear friend"

    Somehow her kind voice and soft touch brought comfort to me.  

    "You don't look well, my friend" she continued. "Come with me to the temple, please. We will pray together, and we will talk, if you wish"

    I could never resist that tender voice. 

    The lovely lady took my cold hand, & we walked together into the temple. 

    We prayed, we talked. Only she could do this with me, and I began to realise that I needed this, and have done ever since...ever since....it happened.

    I told her everything. She listened. 

    After I'd finished: silence. She said nothing. 

    I waited. Eventually I couldn't stand it.

    "Well?" I demanded. "Don't you have any wise words, any pious epithets, any sage advice? Have you nothing at all to say? I have told no-one of this!"

    "No, my friend, I don't. I can see you that are hurting. Of course you are. You needed to talk, and you needed someone to listen. You talked, and I listened. And now I will pray for you". 

    And that was it. She turned to Kynareth's shrine & was at once deep in fervent prayer to the Goddess.

    I took my bags of food and I went back home. Back to my chair and my books.

    Life - such that it was - carried on as usual. I sat, and I read. 

    Time passed; how much I don't know. Time was holding no meaning for me; one day much like another. 

    But this was one day unlike any other: there was a knock on my door.


    "Come with me, now!" she cried, frantically. "I have summoned Mephala!"

         * thanks to the wonderful Maxi Jazz for that great line


  • Paws
    Paws   ·  June 19, 2016
    I couldn't really bring myself to comment before now Idesto. My apologies, but this was rather resonant. 
    Delivered as it is in your down to earth style, there is nothing flowery here  although the grey monotone peaked to colour with Danica. 
    ...  more
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  January 26, 2016
    Hopefully things will get better for our down-on-his-luck Dragonborn...
  • Exuro
    Exuro   ·  January 23, 2016
    Don't mess with Kynareth!
    Sad Dragonborn is sad
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  January 21, 2016
    Thanks Unhelpful; that's the mood I've been going for.; something a bit different. Things may be about to change though...
    I had to look C0DA up: Kirkbride, right? I'm not a lore expert  - far from it - but it's good to know my story is lore-friendl...  more
  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  January 21, 2016
    C0DA makes everything canon. C0DA has officially set fire to Elder Scrolls lore. 
    I really felt Idesto's numbness in this chapter, and how life had lost all meaning to him. That sense of mourning where everything good in your life is gone. Well done, FTD.
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  January 20, 2016
    That's the plan, @Ebonslayer.
    Thanks @Lyall. In a good way I hope!
  • Lyall
    Lyall   ·  January 20, 2016
    The feels!
  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  January 20, 2016
    Will there be a part 3?
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  January 20, 2016
    OK thanks Mirric. I'm not sure what you mean, but thanks!
  • Mirric
    Mirric   ·  January 20, 2016
    C0da makes it canon so dont worry about it