Hybrid, Chapter 2

  • As usual, Flavius slept fitfully. Fleeting images, disembodied sounds, strange smells violated his sleep: echoes of a forgotten life. But that was every night; this night was different than most, even worse. Fearful visions of the day ahead combined with his fragmented memories, nightmares of past and future mixed with his nightmare of now. All he wanted was sleep but sleep eluded him.

    “Alright you worthless scum: up with you all! This morning we raid!”

    The loud and grating sound of Gro-Bag Gor-Gutz’s voice violently invaded Flavius’ fevered mind as she roused her gang into action. It felt like he had only at last just fallen into sleep’s warm embrace, and now he was being forced to drag himself up again.

    Systematically stomping around the camp the Orc kicked each of her slumbering bandits in order, missing none: as efficient as she was vicious.

    Grumbling and cursing the brigands awoke, slowly but steadily. As much as they loved their beds they were excited at the prospect of the looting and bounty that lay ahead.

    Someone kicked a bowl of slop in Flavius’ direction, its unappetising contents sloshing around and splashing his face.

    “Eat!” a gruff voice said. “You’ll need your strength today: we have work for you!”

    Flavius didn’t want to eat. He didn’t want to raid. He didn’t want to do anything: not with this pack of ruffians, not with anyone. He just wanted to sleep: to sleep and to never wake up, unless it was from up and out of this nightmare that had become his life.

     “I said eat!” the voice insisted. “And drink this: it’s good Nord mead. It’ll put hairs on your babyskin chest, you Imperial milk-drinker!”

    The owner of the voice was Jyttek, a hulking great Nord whose bushy beard was as dark and long as his scowl. As leader of Red group it was his job to ensure that Flavius, their strike weapon, was ready for the fight ahead.  Flavius noticed that even in his aggression Jyttek nevertheless kept his distance: there was hate there, yes, but fear too.

    Painfully and unwillingly pulling himself up to a sitting position Flavius obeyed. Although hungry he had no appetite for food of any kind, least of all this disgusting stuff. Jyttek stood over him until every last drop was gone, and made sure he took several good gulps of the mead.

    “That’s much more than you deserve, Imperial. Now stand up and get ready!”

    Fumbling around in his pack he pulled out his weapons: his twin iron war-axes, rusting with the blood of his many victims but still hard, sharp and deadly. Getting to his feet he gave them a few good swings, as Jyttek took a reluctant step backwards.

    “I’m ready” he mumbled.

    All around him the camp was abuzz was activity and talk. The band of brigands were noisily finishing their food and drink, checking their armour and weapons, boasting of their exploits to come and fantasising about the loot they hoped to gain. 

    "Hurry up you whoresons, and stop gossiping like a bunch of old fishwives!" Gro-Bag shouted. "We strike while it's dark, before the dawn breaks!"

    Soon they were all lined up and ready, split into their two groups, standing still and attentive while the Orc repeated the plan and ensured, in her inimical way, that each of them understood. Any sign of confusion or dissent was met with a swift, hard kick until a better grasp of the situation was achieved.

    She had the good sense though to leave Flavius alone: she knew better than to rile him so early, and anyway that was Jyttek's job.

    Soon the two groups set off, Gro-Bag leading the Blue group raiders and Jyttek the Red group to distract the Whiterun guards. 

    He should be used to it by now, but he still hated it. Flavius as always was in chains, tied between the huge Nord and an almost equally large Redguard.

    Slowly, carefully and silently the group advanced towards Whiterun, there to goad their crazed Imperial until the red mist filled his mind and vision and he would be unleashed in his murderous fury on the city's unsuspecting protectors.  

    Ascending a hill the road came into view, and with it a group of Whiterun guards. They prepared to attack....

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