Shinbira: Journal of a Survivor, Chapter 23

  • Last Seed 22nd, Riverwood

             Author's note: may contain sexiness

    I manage to stagger to Faendal's house and into his bed. I presume he's around somewhere but I'm too tired and too drunk to notice, or care. Maybe he stayed at the Inn. I fall asleep quickly, but I'm restless. That encounter with the wall in the barrow has me perplexed and excited. 

    I hear a sound! The door is creaking open, slowly. Quickly I jump to my feet and reach for my greatsword. There's a shape in the doorway, silhouetted in the moonlight: tall but slight.

    "Faendal! That's a relief! Where have you been?"

    "No, not Faendal!", then a giggle.

    Azura's Eyes: it's Camilla! 

    "I came here to say sorry, my handsome young man."

    That's "my handsome young mer", Camilla, but I'll let you off...

    " 'Sorry'?" I reply, confused. "What do you have to be sorry about?"

    "I forgot something, didn't I? Back at the shop."

    She certainly loves to tease, does this young lady

    "Um, right." I'm racking my addled brain. "I gave you the claw. It didn't have a case, or anything like that. Did I borrow something from you? I don't think you gave me a key to the shop: I think I'd have noticed. A knife! Did you give me a knife? Or some lockpicks?"

    "No, nothing like that!" She giggles again.

    She's enjoying this, I think.

    "Did I, ah, give you something?" Apart from a kiss and a fondle! "A potion, perhaps? I know: you want me to teach Sven a lesson, is that it? I'd be happy to oblige!"

    "No, silly!", with that big smile on her face. "I forgot to thank you for getting our claw back!"

    "Oh. Of course. It was, you know, it was...nothing, really. Um, you know it's after midnight, don't you? And that I was in bed?"

    Of course she does! Suddenly I'm feeling very stupid. And even more excited

    "Yes, Shinny: I have eyes don't I? Maybe that's also why I'm here...?"

    Such a tease!

    "I told you it was good having you around here. And how do I know when I'll next see you? You're always off on some important mission or other aren't you, my big brave Elf! How's a girl supposed to get to know someone new when she doesn't know how long they'll stay?"

    "Well, I was planning to leave in the morning. You look tired, Camilla, why don't you come and sit down here, and take off your shoes?"

    "Hehe, alright then! And call me Milly." We sit together on Faendal's bed, and I slowly remove her dainty little shoes. She giggles.

    " 'Milly'. I like that. You have lovely feet."

    'Lovely feet'! What in Azura's name did I say that for? If she doesn't already think I'm creepy....

    "Oh - thank you, hehe!"


    "Now, you were saying, Milly," I say with a smile.

    "Yes" she clears her throat with an air of mock formality, "On behalf of the Riverwood Trader and the House Valerius I would like to extend my profound gratitude to you, Shinbira of... Where did you say you were from?"

    "Never mind. Please continue."

    "To Shinbira of... Dunmerland - hehe! -  for services rendered on our behalf, and especially for returning to us our beautiful Golden Claw."

    "Well, ah, that's quite a speech" I respond. "And in return," playing along, "I would like to say..."

    She interrupts: "Oh, and I owe you this" and she plants a big kiss on my cheek. It's not a short kiss, and soon her moist lips slide over to my eager mouth. 

    Her hand is on my back; it slowly moves downwards.

    "Ooh! What firm muscles you have, Shinny! But aren't you wearing a lot of that tough old leather! You know: I've always wondered how you big strong fighting men get all these things off. Do you think perhaps you could show me?"

    "I would be delighted, my dear", I say between kisses. "First you have to put your hand - here", moving her hand into place.

    "Oh! I see: carry on, my bold instructor!"

    "Then your other hand - here. Then pull"

    We both fall onto the bed laughing as my leather tunic is wrapped around my head.

    "I think it's stuck Milly! What have you done to me?"

    "I don't know: but I can do this!"

    She's tickling my stomach!

    I grab my tunic -  not easy while being tickled - and rip it off over my head. Then tickle her back!

    Soon our tickling hands rove into places that cause us to stop laughing. We kiss, passionately, for what seems an eternity. I wrap my arms around her slender frame as we melt into each other, our bodies meshing together in love's embrace.

    Suddenly she freezes, and looking over my shoulder shouts: "Shinny! What is THAT! What's happening?"

    I look back. "Gods! Has that bloody Orgnar put some skooma in my ale? But you see it too?"

    "Shinny, I'm frightened!"

    The back wall of Faendal's house has disappeared, along with some of the floor. Where they were is now only bright blue sky. And from cracks in the front door I can see it's still dark outside! His household objects are falling down like rain, where they were on shelves or on the floor, in an ever-repeating pattern. 

    "It must be Orgnar! I'm gonna kill him!"

    Finding my armour, I quickly don it, take my sword and stride towards the door.

    "Wait, Shinbira!" Camilla stops me. "I haven't even been to the Inn today: I just had a quiet dinner with my brother! We both see it, so it can't be Orgnar!"

    She's right. I relax, and sit back down on the bed. "Actually, it's quite pretty, my dear Milly, almost hypnotic. Maybe we've both just had too much to drink. I don't think there's anything to be afraid of: let's just enjoy it, eh?"

    Now all sorts of strange objects have joined the rain of Faendal's things: the Dragonstone, Nordic burial urns, the claw, a glowing sword, those strange letters, huge bones, old men with beards, Nord warriors in battle! 

    "You're right, Shinny: it is - pretty, in a strange sort of way" Camilla responds

    "Yes, it is. And so are you. Now, where were we...?"

    We kiss.

    Then I hear it. That noise. That noise that's been haunting me since Helgen: a deafening roar. Surely not that bloody dragon again: here, now?! What in Oblivion is going on here?

    And there it is again, that great head thrusting itself through the roof, just as it did in the tower at Helgen. "Get down, Camilla! Quickly!" At least I have my armour!

    I expect another wall of flame, but there's nothing. Tentatively looking up from under the bed, I see the great head just staring, still, doing nothing. 

    Then it speaks! In a great booming voice it seems to command: "SHIN BI RA COM!"

    A great claw enters the room, picks me up and dumps me onto the dragon's back! The beast takes to the air, high into the sky, and I look down on the strangely transformed house, then Riverwood, now the mountains themselves. We fly through the skies of Skyrim at incredible speed, to immeasurable heights. I feel free, alive, at one with the dragon. I feel the energy of its sul, then the energy of that 'word wall' fills me anew! I am become a being of light, at one with the world, with the very cosmos! I shout in exhilaration: FORCE! FORCE! FORCE! and all flies away before me at great speed, be it trees, or mountains, or moons.

    My Camilla is by my side, riding the dragon with me. "Camilla! Is this not the greatest thing ever?!" I hold my beloved again in a joyous embrace.


    Suddenly, I'm back in Faendal's bed. 

    "Camilla, were you there with me? On the dragon? Tell me you were!"

    No... it can't be!

    BY THE GODS! That's not Camilla!

    "What now? Camilla? Dragon? I think Orgnar must have slipped some skooma into your ale, brother. And let go of me!"

    At least Faendal also forgot to take his armour off.

    Nchow! My head hurts...

         Note: this sequence is in part inspired by an actual game event, a strange glitch, which I posted about here

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  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  July 13, 2015
    Thanks Lissette; nice that it made you laugh 
    We'll see, Exuro! I'd like to have see that! Thanks 
  • Exuro
    Exuro   ·  July 11, 2015
    Haha, for Faendal's sake I hope ALL of it was a dream. Sometimes the glitches save you. I once tried to steal a horse while being chased by guards and it kicked me off into a river, over 100ft (30.48m) away.
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 10, 2015
    Loved this entry. I have also encountered glitches like this. I laughed. Great stuff. 
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  July 10, 2015
    Ah, but was ALL if it just a dream? ;)
    That's a great line lol!
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 10, 2015
    LOL.And I honestly thought Camilla would give him his rewards.
    Reminds me of Aela's pick up line.
    "Sotek, I can't find my bed. Take me to it... NOW!!!"