Shinbira: Journal of a Survivor, Chapter 22

  • Last Seed 21st, Riverwood

    When we feel ready we slowly stagger to our feet; it's more than time enough that we were back out under the open sky.

    I feel like a changed Mer. The great loot I took from this strange place, the joy of killing, the satisfaction of doing what I came here for in finding the two artefacts: all seem overshadowed by that magical mystical wall. The energy it somehow infused me with, and which I still feel flowing through my being, filling my sul; and that word, the word it seemed to engrave on my mind: 'FORCE'. What does it all mean?

    I even don't mind this Faendal-shaped bruise on my arm. Too much...

    There's another tunnel at the top of steps above the wall, which seems to lead nowhere until I see a handle in what I thought was a brazier. Pulling on it a rock wall slides upwards and we walk through. There's a ledge and I jump down to the cavern below, and soon I find myself at last outside again - stopping only to loot the chest by the exit.

    It's night-time, and dark: clouds are covering the moonso, but from what I can see I think it's after midnight. Checking my new surroundings I notice there's something missing  - a Wood Elf! I was sure he jumped down with me! To make sure I go back inside, but there's no sign of him!

    Looking around outside again all I can find is a potion, which I pocket. In the darkness I can see that I'm on a high ledge, half-way up the mountain. Heights don't bother me, as they seem to with Faendal, but even I am a bit apprehensive about trying to find a way to climb down safely in this darkness.

    Taking my time though, I look down, trying to find the safest route. I scramble, clamber, slide & jump, and eventually I'm back on level ground. I seem to be in some sort of animal graveyard - there are bones everywhere, from Skeever all the way to Mammoth. 

    And Faendal. Very much alive, and as annoying as ever.

    "How did you get here?!" I ask him, "And why didn't you follow me out?!"

     "I didn't like the look of the climb down, so I went back out the way we came."

    "All that way? Then you ran around the mountain to here just to join me?! In the time it took me to look for you then climb down? That doesn't make any kind of sense, Faendal."

    "I don't like heights: what more can I say?"

    "A strange story, Faendal: and you're a strange Elf! I think maybe that you were more concerned about me pushing you off the ledge to make up for this bruise on my arm.

    "And you might have been right..." I add

    "Oh. I see. Should I still be worried, 'brother'?"

    Do I see his arm moving slowly towards his bow?

    "No, of course not: I wouldn't have done that!" I assure him.

    "Well, that's good."

    "I couldn't carry all this loot by myself, now could I?"


    I love that worried look on his long face!

    "Riverwood then, 'brother'?" I suggest.

    "Yes, uh, of course, Shinbira Sedura: Riverwood."

    Deference! I like it...

    Little does the silly Bosmer know that my respect for him has grown, despite the bruise. He fought well against the Draugr Lord, or whatever it was, and I'm not sure even I could have taken it alone.

    We soon find our way back to that sleepy little hotbed, keeping the mountain to our left, and watching the sun break the horizon and rise into the sky as we walk. Just as the gates come into view a man rushes towards me, and I quickly draw my sword.

    "No, no - there's no need for that: I'm just a courier!" he says, as quickly as he runs.

    "And I have something for you; let's see... Ah, yes: a letter from a Jarl. You're going up in the world!"

    Putting my sword back I take and open the letter. The Jarl of Falkreath wants to see me: intriguing! He'll have to wait though until I keep my appointment with another Jarl, Balgruuf of Whiterun. Who would ever have thought that I, a hated little 'grayskin' from Windhelm, could so soon rise to be a friend of Jarls! I don't quite believe it myself. 

    In Riverwood I make some leather helmets then sell them to Alvor, along with the Barrow weapons and armour we don't need.

    Lucan is overjoyed when I return the golden claw! As promised he rewards me - sorry, 'us' - with 400 gold, and allows me to take almost anything I can find from his shop. And house. Which I do! Very nice; thank you Lucan. You fool! 

    Camilla is her usual flirty self. "My, but aren't you a handsome, strapping young man! It's so good having you around here!", then that giggle.

    In a sudden impulse of flirtation and devilment I quickly lean over and plant a big sloppy kiss on her soft cheek

    I look over at Faendal: his face is as red as Camilla's, but not out of embarassment!

    I point to the bruise on my arm; he says, and does, nothing.

    So funny: almost worth more than all of Lucan's gold! 


    And it's probably for the best that he didn't see me give a nice squeeze to her pert little bottom...

    I somehow manage to hide my glee! I leave secretly smirking, and am still as we enter the Inn.

    There I make a few potions, eat, and of course have a drink or two. We are of course very tired and go to turn in early. 

    Leaning on the bar I manage to say: "Orgnar: a room pleashe." 

    "No: Innkeeper's away. Don't know where."

    "Nchow! Why can't you jush give ush a room, sh'wit!"

    "Careful, Elf! I just cook. She owns the Inn; she can do what she likes. You can crash on a table as long as you want, I won't bother you."

    "Helpful azh eva: thanksh, Orgnar, thanksh a lot!"

    He just grunts.

    Great. I really need sleep.


    "Yes, brother?"

    "You've gotta bed, dontcha?"

    "Yes, brother", he sighs....

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  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  July 9, 2015
    I was planning to have that in this chapter but I ended up having far too much fun with Faendal
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 9, 2015
    Shin is awesome, I like him. I can't wait for him to go up against the dragon!
    And thanks, Idesto.  That's nice of you. 
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  July 9, 2015
    I should add that I'm picking up tips from reading especially your 2 stories here and that has definitely helped my own writing:)
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  July 9, 2015
    Quick comments; thanks!
    @Lissette Don't feel sorry for Faendal; what about poor Shin: you should see that bruise! Shin is a bit of an arse sometimes though, isn't he? :)
    @Sotek: I hope so, I am a noob at this fiction writing stuff! I would say...  more
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    Sotek   ·  July 9, 2015
    I never bothered with him myself. My first priority is to help a certain someone kill a giant.
    On a seriouse note, (Not that the giant thing isn't but...). Here's an extract from an earlier chapter of Idesto's Story....
    I run...  more
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 9, 2015
    Poor Faendal. Makes me remember all the characters that totally took advantage of his niceness and his archery training. 
    Fun entry.