Shinbira: Journal of a Survivor (Part 2), Chapter 9

  • Hadvar & I run on together, our footsteps crashing heavily on the stone pathway loud against the gentle sounds of evening. I'm surprised to see, after coming out of the Keep where we kept going further down underground, that we seem to have come out on a hill. The path before us heads steadily downwards.

    Suddenly Hadvar stops. He seems agitated.

    "See that up there?" he says, pointing to old stone ruins on a mountain in the near distance.

    "That's Bleak Falls Barrow. Used to give me nightmares when I was a boy. I'd dream of undead Draugr creeping into my bedroom at night. It still makes me nervous."

    "I can see that", I reply.

    I let him walk on a step, then: "BOO!!" as I grab his shoulders.

    I had no idea he could jump so high, or scream so loudly; I'm almost impressed!


    It is a bit funny...

    Soon, at a turn in the path, overlooking a lake in the valley below we see three standing stones, symmetrically arranged.

    "These are the Guardian Stones. See for yourself." my companion says, enigmatically.

    I do. They are all intricately carved, I think with constellations of stars. They seem to be giving off some kind of mystical energy. 

    I feel drawn to one of them, and I reach out and touch it. The carvings light up, and a bolt of dazzling light shoots straight upwards further than I can see, sizzling with energy. It seems to surge into my body and mind; I feel invigorated!

    "Thief, eh?" Hadvar says, dismissively. "It's never too late to control your own fate you know."

    What?! He clearly doesn't know me as well as he supposes! I've been doing that since I was a boy!

    I think his Nordiness just came to the fore. Or maybe he's still angry with me about the 'Bleak Falls incident'...

    As we continue onwards I notice our surroundings. We're now by a fast-flowing river, with many waterfalls and rapids as it descends along with us. Salmon leap madly against the flow, desperate to return to their breeding grounds. Forested hills on the other side, birds singing in the trees, a verdant valley below, snowy mountains in the distance. Even in the fading light it's...beautiful.

    It couldn't be more of a contrast to the cold, miserable stone and rubble of Windhelm, with its near-constant snow & gloom. I don't miss it!

    I am suddenly interrupted from my reverie by loud growling, then large and very sharp teeth sinking themselves into my already tattered light armour!

    Wolves! They've jumped down at us in ambush from the hillside. Luckily for me Hadvar is more alert & he quickly kills one, while I draw my Greatsword in time to help him with the second.

    "You have to watch out for wolves here, Shinbira."

    "Thanks, Hadvar. Thanks for the warning.

    "And you can take that smirk off your face now, my Nord 'friend' "

    "I believe we're even now, my Dunmer 'friend'! "

    "Alright, alright: can we move on now please?"

    I have to keep my wits about me! Stopping to admire pretty scenery?! I mustn't get soft: that's an easy way to an early grave!

    Lesson learnt, I run on with more caution, my hand close to my sword. 

    "Ah, good: we're here. Riverwood!"

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  • Idesto
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    Yes - a little less hate now! I had to look up 'ship' in the urban dictionary BTW -'thanks :)
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    lol that love/hate relationship I ship Hadvar and Idesto now xD
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    Thanks! I enjoyed writing that bit. Like most of this it just suggested itself while I was writing. It seemed what he would do with someone he feels comfortable with. Probably what I'd do too!
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    Nothing like some good old fashioned antics to clear the air and lighten the mood.
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    Haha, the boo was classic.