A funny thing happened on the way to the market...

  • Author's note: contains Skyrim Main Quest spoilers

    My sense of triumph was somewhat deflated.

    I, Idesto, vanquisher of Alduin the World-Eater, Hero of Sovngarde: I saved the world!

    After being sent back to Nirn, to the Throat of the World, I returned to High Hrothgar to inform the Graybeards of my victory. I couldn't find any of them: I think they must have all been asleep.

    Returning to Whiterun I remet with my faithful Lydia in Breezehome.

    "It is an honour to serve you, my Thane"

    "Alduin is dead! I saved the world!"

    "How can I serve you, my Thane?"

    Never mind...

    "How's Lucia?"

    She's on her bench in the town centre.

    "Lucia! I killed the dragon: I saved the world!"

    "Papa! Have you got anything for me?"


    What did you want? Dragon ribs?

    We play 'tag'.

    While 'it' I run to Dragonsreach.


    The Jarl is polite but eventually dismissive: "Now if you don't mind, I've got a city to run".

    "Yes, one that won't be eaten by a dragon, thanks to me", I don't say.

    Farengar: again, nothing. I buy a spell tome.

    At least the guards are a bit more informed! One thanks me for killing Alduin as I descend the steps.

    I'm going to the pub! Then shopping. 

    On the way I stop to slap a small child on the back.

    As I sit with a large ale or three studying my new spell tome I hear Mikael the Bard strike up a new tune. He's singing about me & the death of Alduin! Finally, some recognition!

    I stumble excitedly and somewhat drunkenly to join the throng of revellers who have gathered around him.

    I lose myself in the moment & shout in elation! I'm quite drunk now, & my words are slurred.


    It's a loud Shout.

    The Bard, Lydia and several patrons fall down on the floor, solid blocks of ice. So that's how my 'Ice Form' shout works...


    "There's been an attack! GUARDS!", the Innkeeper shouts.

    I sidle over to the corner, trying to look innocent. Everyone is fighting.

    When Lydia thaws out she joins in enthusiastically, ignoring my pleas for her to stop.

    She's having a one-on-one with Uthgerd: this I have to see!

    It's a great fight, which I confess I enjoyed rather too much. When Uthgerd lies dead on the floor we make a swift exit. Outside the Inn guards swarm around to attack us.

    And my day began so well....

    Author's note: this is actually what happened in my game, with only a few embellishments. I play on the XBox using Kinect & Mikael's new song set off my shout! Later on a random comment set off Storm Call & all hell broke loose again. This could be a problem! 


  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  August 27, 2015
    Agreed wholeheartedly! XD
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  August 26, 2015
    Yeah, sorry about that. They deserved it, ungrateful barstewards!!
  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  August 26, 2015
    Pfff I was so annoyed when no one acknowledged the fact that I SAVED THE WORLD FROM MASS DESTRUCTION after I completed the main quest.  But obviously Idesto will now accidentally destroy it as well. 
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  June 9, 2015
    Thanks :)
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  June 8, 2015
    This made me laugh, because it is so true. A great little gem in this blog. Thank you. 
  • Ry Willams
    Ry Willams   ·  June 7, 2015
    Playing the PS3, how many times has this happens to my Mom and Friends at work!
    Great Story! Lol.
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  June 7, 2015
    Lol! I'll have to steer clear of that Sotek!
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  June 7, 2015
    I can imagine thsi all kicking off in teh middle of Whiterun.
    It reminds me of when Sotek tries a new shout. Here's a preview of what happened.
    Farkas snorted in disgust. “Look at it? We’ve been standing in it, Sotek use that shout, y...  more