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Votaress of Arkay Cover
An original piece of artwork that I drew in Photoshop to commemorate the remaster of Votaress of Arkay and Skyrim.

Legion's Album: Legion's Yard Sale of Art

DESCRIPTION : Buy something or get off my lawn.

  • Edana, Paws, and Golden Fool like this
  • Edana
    Edana This is a gorgeous drawing!! Looks like pastels. Lovely details. Very nicely done. :)
    October 27, 2016
  • Paws
    Paws Tusk! Look at that :) The symbolism! The autumn colours! The bone structures and scars, the highlight on the hair from the light.... Tusk! Fantastic. "Yard Sale" is it? I'll take two.
    October 27, 2016