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The First Meeting
The day that Lort had been accepted as an apprentice to the Greybeards had been the greatest day of his life, but that had been years ago and since then he had because disillusioned by the group's seemingly complete lack of interest in what happened outside of their sanctuary. As such he was especially surprised when the senior members of the order gathered to talk of a battle in Whiterun and what its outcome would mean for Nirn. Days passed and eventually a stranger entered the halls of High Hrothgar. Having been raised in a secluded village Lort had never before seen an Altmer and for this he cursed his parents as the stranger was one of if not the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Maybe it was a side effect of spending years with only old men for company, but he couldn’t help but watch her as she spoke with Arngeir. Once she had finished talking to the elderly Greybeard, Lort surprised himself by calling out to her…

I recently had the idea to base a playthrough of Skyrim on one of my old short stories; In Both Life and Death, however I quickly ran into a problem. The playthrough revolves around Lort and Lilia from the short and so I had to get both of these characters into one playthrough. My first idea was to use the mod Familiar Faces to import Lort into Lilia's world as a follower, but that has unfortunately not been ported to SE. I then attempted to replicate me SE load order in Oldrim but gave up after realising just how long that would take. I finally settled on the solution of creating a very basic follower mod to inset Lort into the game, resulting in this screenshot.

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    SpookyBorn2021 You mind throwing me a link to that short? It seems like a pretty fascinating character duo to work with from what you've mentioned here.
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