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The Jaqspur's back! Glaenriel Greenleaf
"There's talk of a Valenwood ranger, a Jaqspur, has arrived in Skyrim."

Have you ever bought a new game but then you just decided to play Skyrim instead? Well I bought "Pillars Of Eternity" for the Switch on release date but after creating the character, an Elf lady, I quit the game and went to Skyrim Glaenriel Greenleaf, my beloved Bosmer girl. She's now Level 26 with Smithing level 100 after hours of heavy grinding... but isn't she lovely in that Dragonscale armor? Pillars of Eternity can wait! HA!

AllSpark's Album: Worthy Of Sharing

DESCRIPTION : My Skyrim screenshots that I deem worthy of sharing

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  • Medieval
    Medieval Lol I understand, have hapened it to me, as I bought a new game then I said: "time for Skyrim", the new game can wait... xP
    September 20, 2019
  • DeltaFox
    DeltaFox Same with me, just Fallout. I like her eyes, really brings out the natural born dragon hunter
    November 5, 2019